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Tyrell Thompson is a drug dealer and robber from Emerest High School who robs the Weckerle family and sells heroin to the Weckerle son, Kenny in 21 Jump Street (episode). He makes an additional appearance in You Oughta Be in Prison, where he seeks revenge on Hanson.


Tyrell Thompson is a psychopath, with a very low level of self-control. It makes him capable of breaking rules and pursuing his goals violently without the slightest remorse to the extent of even doing this for trivial gains like wanting to park at a certain place in school in an unjustified manner at the expense of another one who parked before him.

He shows this in school, where he, additionally, runs a drug ring, which he ruthlessly pursues. When he finds out his criminal business is about to be exposed by the police, he tries to murder Hanson in an unpremeditated manner, because he was on to him, and Kenny Weckerle in a premeditated manner, because he was involved wih him and because he feared he might talk. He was caught by Hanson with the help of Kenny. The 21 Jump Street division helped, too.

A year later, in prison, he commits in a juvenile prison a murder against a drug competitor and commits another (felony murder) to a prison official, while he escapes from prison, when they want to transfer him to Central Jail for that, something he was afraid of, taking advantage of an accident for this escape. Thompson blames Hanson for the situation he is in since then, when they intend to hunt him down for all of this and seeks revenge on him because of the situation he is in by trying to kill him and another he was protecting in the meantime after kidnapping them and make him suffer for that.

He fails in the end, is caught by Hanson and, finally, he goes to prison for the rest of his life for all the crimes he committed.


Notes and Trivia

He was the first arrest of Hanson, when he became part of the 21 Jump Street Department..

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