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Season 5 of 21 Jump Street ran from October 13, 1990 to April 27, 1991. It had 22 episodes.




Main Cast[]

  • Michael Bendetti as Officer Anthony "Mac" McCann (Episodes 3-22)
  • Holly Robinson-Peete as Detective Judy Hoffs
  • Michael DeLuise as Officer Joey Penhall (Episodes 6-17)
  • Steven Williams as Captain Adam Fuller
  • Peter DeLuise as Officer Doug Penhall (Episodes 1-10)

Recurring Guest Stars[]

  • Alexandra Powers as D.E.A. Agent/Officer Kati Rocky
  • David Barry Gray as Officer Dean Garrett
  • Sal Jenco as Sal "Blowfish" Banducci

Prominent Guest Stars[]

Recurring Co-Stars[]

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Although no longer appearing, Johnny Depp and Dustin Nguyen are credited in the first two episodes of Season 5
  • Only season to air in syndication and distributed by LBS Communications
  • Second Chances was the only episode directed by Steven Williams
  • Peter DeLuise was also credited but is no longer appearing in the final episode
  • Tunnel of Love and Back to School was originally part of Season 4

Episode Guide[]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 Tunnel of Love Jorge Montesi Patrick Hasburgh
Stephen J. Cannell
October 13, 1990
Hoffs goes undercover inside a massage parlor that is also believed to be a brothel for underage girls, while Officer Garrett goes undercover as a patron. Meanwhile, a DEA agent is also investigating the owner of the parlor for drug trafficking.
2 Back to School Steve Beers Patrick Hasburgh
Stephen J. Cannell
October 20, 1990
As they attempt to adjust to the Jump Street program, Officers Rocky and Garrett go undercover in a high school to flush out its biggest drug dealer. While Garrett tries to have some fun with his new persona, Rocky fears that a teacher may be coming on to her. Meanwhile, Hoffs tries to buy her dream house.
3 Buddy System Jorge Montessi Patrick Hasburgh
Stephen J. Cannell
October 27, 1990
New Jump Street recruit Officer McCann is assigned to get close to a mentally handicapped youth in order to find out who murdered his partner in a buddy system which paired him and other mentally handicapped kids with troubled youths. Meanwhile, Hoffs and Penhall try to find out more about McCann's background.