Look, Penhall, it's a rape as soon as she says no. Let's just get that straight right now.

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My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades is the fourth episode of Season 1 of 21 Jump Street (TV series).

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Taking Advantage

Kim Morgan is found unconscious the morning after a party.

The episode begins with several young people—one woman with several men—walking out to their cars in the rain. The woman stumbles as the men help her in the car, indicating that she is likely inebriated.

In a liquor store, one of the young men tries to pay for several bottles of alcohol. When the attendant asks to see his identification, the young man claims "all [he has] is this $100" and hands it to the attendant, hoping to bribe him. The bribe works and he is allowed to leave with the alcohol. On a boat, the young woman pops a bottle of champagne and the group continues to drink. The next day, a paper boy on his morning route finds the young woman caked in mud, lying unconscious in a drainage ditch.

Dancing with the Devil(s)

At the chapel, the investigator for the case relays the details to the Jump Street crew and reveals that the young woman, Kim Morgan, had died of "asphyxiation from aspiration," or as Penhall simplifies it, "choking to death." According to the investigator, she had a stamp on her hand from a dance she had attended the night before at West Chadway High School and had been seen leaving with three seniors. He believes drugs could be involved as well, but he would have to wait on the autopsy to know for sure. Hanson notes that she is underage, so if the boys gave her drugs that killed her, it would be considered "felony murder."

When asked why the investigator didn't question everyone at the party, particularly the ones who were last seen with Kim, he said that they had to give them preferential treatment because of the families and side of town they come from. Jenko uses this as a segue to let Penhall and Hanson know that they will be going undercover at West Chadway, with Ioki as backup and Hoffs taking care of the victim side of the case.

Penhall the Prep

At West Chadway, Mr. Patton, the principal, takes Penhall and Hanson through their new class routine and informs them that the girls' school was "on the other side of the administration building." He notes that it's unusual for West Chadway to have mid-semester transfers, such as Penhall and Hanson, but that their records were good, aside from the mishap that got them "expelled" from their previous school.

In their first class, AP English, the teacher leads a discussion of the opening chapters of All the King's Men. Everyone, including Penhall, answers the discussion questions correctly, except Hanson, who makes a joke of his answer, prompting the class to believe him uneducated. The class begins chanting, "state college, state college" to drive this point home. The teacher settles the class and asks Scott Crowe to help Hanson. Crowe makes a snide jab at Hanson before answering the question correctly.

After class, Hanson and Penhall spot Crowe and Taylor Rolator talking in the hallway. Another student, Kerry Graham, joins them and tells them Kim Morgan had died. He asks what they should do about it, to which Crowe says they will do nothing. Rolator smiles, agreeing.

At a restaurant, Hanson and Penhall approach two young ladies sitting alone at a table. They tell the girls they are new there. Penhall compliments one girl's earrings and asks to try one on. The girl consents, giving him her earring. The girl asks if this means she and Penhall are "going steady." Penhall replies that he will let her know, and the two sit down with the girls.

Crowe, Rolator, and Graham then approach, calling Penhall and Hanson "refugees" and mocks Penhall for wearing a woman's earring. Penhall retorts that they should get their ears pierced, telling the girls to "hand him that fork." Penhall then relays that he was kicked out of his former school due to "honor code issues." Crowe makes it known that Rolator is the president of their honor council, to which Penhall asks if he "can be bought," winning over the group of boys.

Painting a Picture of Kim

At Kim Morgan's house, Hoffs offers her condolences to Morgan's mother then prompts her for information on the party she went to the night she died. Her mother expresses that nothing different had happened at that party than the multiple other parties she had been to in the weeks preceding her death. She expresses regret at allowing Kim to go to all of those parties, indicating that she was a difficult child to raise, especially after her father died.

When asked about the boys Kim hung out with from West Chadway, Kim's mother quoted her daughter as saying, "I can marry more money in a minute than I can make in a lifetime." She reportedly told her daughter that boys from West Chadway don't marry from the "East side." Then, Vinnie, Kim's brother, walks in, unimpressed by Hoffs. He claims he knows, "three rich boys got [his] sister so drunk that it killed her" and that "no matter how much hell [he raises], they're never going to see the inside of a jail cell."

Not-So-Fun Club

Penhall joins Crowe, Rolator, and Graham in the "fun club," where they drink and snort cocaine. Evidently, the "fun club" needs a new meeting spot for the following week, and they ask if they can have it at Penhall's house. Penhall makes the excuse that his mom would be there, so they could not but that Hanson's parents were "always out of town." Just then, a man claiming to be Crowe's "business partner" (though their reception of him insinuates they are not on great terms) walks in with a case full of cash. Crowe tells him they cannot make another (assumed drug) run for him this semester, because they are too busy with school. The man retorts that they seemed to have plenty of time for a "date" the previous weekend, information that Graham is shocked that the man seems to know. He assures them that he has "cleaned it up" and tells Crowe that as long as they're using his place to party, he will use Crowe's dad's plane to make his runs. Crowe takes the case from the man, accepting the conditions. Rolator suggests that Penhall would be a good "runner," telling him he will need his passport for "an adventure." Penhall seems slightly concerned about this development.

Educating Penhall

At the chapel, a frustrated Hoffs relays that she has spoken with a number of people close to Kim and they have all said the same thing: "We're not dealing with Gidget, here," indicating the girl did not have a clean reputation. She believes it might not even be a homicide, based on the picture Kim's friends and family have painted of her. Penhall then draws the conclusion that it furthermore, wasn't a rape. Hoffs makes it clear: "[I]t's a rape as soon as she says no."

Penhall then adds his piece to the puzzle. He believes they are dealing drugs with this "business associate," whom he calls Niles, but "they just don't strike [him] as murderers." Hanson and Penhall then argue over Penhall's recent associations with the group of boys, as Hanson seems to be jealous that "his people" (being the preppy, Ivy League types), as he calls them, like Penhall more than him. Jenko breaks up their argument and asks Ioki to run Niles' name to see if he has a record.

Jenko then tells Hoffs that Vinnie has called her multiple times in her absence. While she believes there's a possibility of murder, she is doubtful. Meanwhile, Penhall is duly convinced that the boys are innocent in her murder and that Kim was just a "party animal who died in the woods." Hoffs again clarifies to Penhall that troubled girls are just as likely to be raped as "good" girls.

Hanson notes that they have a problem, because they have two cases: a drug case and a rape case. Jenko says that if they can't prove the boys had anything to do with Kim's death, they can still arrest them on drug charges and that Penhall's going along with them does not make him complicit because he is undercover. He also says he will get Penhall the house he needs for the "fun club" meeting.

Shot to the Ego

In a restaurant, Crowe regales the group of boys, along with Penhall and Hanson, with a story of Graham embarrassing himself, at which they all laugh. Rolator then announces it's time for Penhall to make a drug run to Puerto Vallarta. Rolator apologizes to Hanson for his being unable to join them, as the plane only seats four people. Crowe then suggests that when they get back, they meet at his house "for cocktails." Hanson is clearly offended by this rejection and expresses this to Jenko back at the chapel. Jenko distracts him by telling him of the house he got to use for the next "fun club" gathering, which the IRS had recently confiscated from a wealthy citizen.

Vinnie Seeks Revenge

Hoffs makes a visit to Vinnie, who is working in an auto shop. He reveals that he found the name of the boys (names that Hoffs already knew) by reading his sister's diary. Hoffs tells him that she cannot arrest them until she has probable cause, which angers Vinnie. He tells her that if law enforcement doesn't do something about the boys, then he will take the law into his own hands. Hoffs says she will "bust" him, if he does so and says that he may not have known his sister as well as he thought he did.

Penhall the Mule

Hanson waits in a nice car as the plane pulls onto the runway. Crowe, Rolator, and Graham step off the plane, but there's no sign of Penhall. Ioki is revealed to be undercover as Hanson's hired driver. When asked where Penhall was, they replied they made him fly commercial. They meet an angry Penhall, sporting a Hawaiian shirt, outside the airport. Penhall, Hanson, and Ioki drive in one car, while Crowe, Rolator, and Graham follow behind, to Hanson's "house."

In the car, Penhall relays his trip, calling it "uneventful, aside from them making me walk through customs with a kilo of cocaine and a false-bottom suitcase." Hanson is enraged, because now that he has participated in the deal, they have no drug case against them. Penhall claims it would've blown his cover not to go through with it, so he had to. He also mentions how impressed he was with the setup in Puerto Vallarta. Ioki changes the subject, saying the coroner's report came back saying that Kim Morgan had intercourse with several people the night she died and that there were signs of internal trauma and struggle, indicating a "definite rape, probable homicide," according to Hanson.

Niles in Posession

At the house, Rolator makes jabs about Hanson's fictitious father, when Niles walks in. He believes he has been there before, prompting Hanson and Penhall to try and retain their cover. Hanson says his father bought it from the wealthy man Jenko told him about, who owned the house before the IRS confiscated it. Niles asks for "the stuff" that Penhall has picked up from Puerto Vallarta, claiming he's in a rush. Rolator tosses him the cocaine and Niles tests its purity. Rolator informs him that they have already taken their "cut." After Niles leaves, Hoffs and Hanson follow him, hoping to place him at the scene to arrest him and get information on Kim Morgan. Niles pulls over prematurely to try and hire a prostitute, but the prostitute happens to be a police officer undercover, and she arrests him. Hanson and Hoffs are deflated, needing the arrest for themselves.

Jenko Undercover

At the chapel, Hanson and Hoffs tell a guitar-wielding Jenko the bad news. Jenko immediately calls the investigator on the Kim Morgan case to try to get Niles out of jail, so they can continue using him for their case. The investigator tells Jenko he has to speak with an officer that Jenko has a bad history with (Jacboson) in order to get him out. Knowing he could not convince Jacobson as himself, Jenko goes "undercover" as an officer whom Jacobson does not know. During Jenko's explanation, Jacobson continually asks if he knows Jenko, and Jenko continues to deny it. Ultimately, Jacobson gives Jenko the information that he wants on how to get Niles released.

Vinnie keeps trying to get ahold of Hoffs, to no avail. He then retrieves a gun from a drawer.

A Lawyer's Insight

Crowe, Rolator, and Graham speak to Graham's uncle (a presumed lawyer) to get him released from jail, telling him they don't know what he was charged with but that he had cocaine on him. When asked why they want him released, the boys tell him that they "want to keep him happy" and don't trust him not to become an informant against them. The lawyer then asks what he could inform the police on, which Graham replies, "what could be misconstrued as a triple rape and a possible homicide."

Niles Re-Arrested

Hoffs arrives back at her desk to find multiple messages telling her Vinnie had continuously called her. She is frustrated that she is just now receiving these messages, because they "screen [them] downtown." Just then, the telephone rings. Jenko is calling to let Hoffs know that Niles had been bailed out, but he didn't know by whom. He wants Hoffs and Ioki to follow him when he leaves. As they follow Niles, Hoffs calls for backup. Niles pulls up beside another group of prostitutes, and Hoffs comes to the window. As soon as Niles begins to decline, Hoffs pulls out her badge and attempts to place him under arrest for possession of narcotics. As soon as he hears this, he peels out, leaving Hoffs and Ioki behind. The backup Hoffs called in begins pursuit as Hoffs and Ioki pursue on foot. Niles gets trapped between two police vehicles, one behind him and one in front, and soon after crashes, allowing Hoffs and Ioki the opportunity to arrest him. Niles recognizes Ioki as "the house boy."

In the interrogation room, Niles continually declines any knowledge of a "wild party." Penhall prods him, reminding him of how he claimed to have "cleaned it up." Niles claims Penhall heard him incorrectly. Jenko then summarizes Niles' predicament, telling him he could go away for a "considerable amount of time" for possessing upwards of $120,000 worth of cocaine. Niles then asks for a lawyer. Jenko assures him he's on his way.

Mind Games

Outside the interrogation room, Penhall and Hanson discuss the vile crime, knowing that Niles will be paid off by the group of boys for going to jail instead of "rolling over" on them. He gets more and more angry, knowing that the boys will get away with it. Hanson suggests they take matters into their own hands and pay a visit to the boys. When they go in, they immediately find a vial of cocaine on the coffee table. They don't even try to conceal it, as they are unafraid of the officers, believing they can't be touched. Penhall tells them that Niles will be seeing a judge that is particularly harsh against drug smugglers and will be going away for more likely 10 years than 2, as originally speculated, and that it could persuade him to confess what he knows about Kim Morgan's murder. The boys claim that the officers are bluffing. Hanson and Penhall confess that they are and leave them to ponder. Graham seems to be the only one fazed by their visit. He begins to grow upset at Crowe and Rolator for bringing him into this. Rolator assures him that there's nothing to worry about and leaves, but Graham is still visibly concerned. The investigator is informed there is a man downstairs who claims to know what happened to Kim Morgan. The man is revealed to be Rolator, who is planning to flip on Crowe and Graham in exchange for immunity.

At the chapel, the crew discusses the outcome of the case, unpleased that Rolator "outsmarted" the other two and gets to walk free. Jenko tells Penhall he's proud of him, though Penhall claims it was luck, as they played on the boys' insecurities. He remains proud and tells him not to "sweat the small stuff," because it all evens out in the end. He claims one day, Rolator will get his comeuppance.

Rolator Gets His

At Princeton, Rolator is angered by a stranger sitting on his car. When asked if he was Taylor Rolator, he confirms and asks who the stranger is. It is revealed to be Vinnie Morgan, Kim's brother. He asks Vinnie what he plans to do to him. Vinnie replies, "What did you do to my sister?" While it is not shown on screen, a gunshot noise insinuates that Vinnie shoots and kills Rolator.


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