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 Mr. Walters is the main antagonist of the 2012 comedy/action film 21 Jump Street and a minor character of 22 Jump Street.

He is potrayed by Rob Riggle.

Personality []

Mr. Walters is a very strange man. In 21 Jump Street, he works as the gym teacher and gets suspicious that Schmidt and Jenko might be on drugs. He is later shown to be the supplier of HFS (Holy Fucking Shit) and ends up getting his penis shot off by Schmidt.  In 22 Jump Street, Mr. Walters is now in prison with Eric and has been given a vagina in place of his penis. Despite the loss of his genitals, Walters does not hold any angry feelings towards Schmidt and Jenko. Mr Walters is also homosexual, showing hints of being attracted towards Jenko due to his appearance and in prison, he becomes lovers with Eric, even though Eric hates him.  


  • Mr. Walters considers himself to be Eric's bitch
  • It is possible that Mr. Walters has a secret crush on Jenko.
  • Mr. Walters also shows a dislike to Schmidt.
  • Eric states Mr Walter's vagina does not work properly, but in the after credits scene of 22 Jump Street, His vagina ends up working properly.
  • In 21 Jump Street, there was foreshadowing to the reveal of Mr. Walters being the creator of HFS. Mr. Walters can be seen eating a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos when Jenko and Schmidt are tripping out after taking HFS and it had been mentioned in the film that the drug tasted like Doritos. 
  • At the end of the movie, Mr. Walters reveals to be pregnant with Eric's baby girl.