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Schmidt apprehending the enemy

Morton Schmidt
Gender: Male
Age 23
Rank: Officer
Age: 22 (21 Jump Street)
 24 (22 Jump Street)
Nationality: American
Status: Alive
Appears 21 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

Portrayed by: Jonah Hill

Morton Schmidt is a officer at Jump Street along with Greg Jenko and one of the two main protagonists of 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street.  He is portrayed by Jonah Hill.  Schmidt is a rather awkward guy but he makes it up with his intelligence and acting skills.  As a teenager, he was bullied by Jenko in high school, but they became best friends when they joined the police academy to become police officers and helping each other's differences.


Schmidt is a very timid person. He is often at times under-estimated or ignored when compared to Jenko, but when the duo went back to high school, he became extremely popular after a mix-up with identifications and subjects. His relationship with Jenko is often times tested, but they are still the best of friends despite their differences.  In 21 Jump Street, he had a crush on a girl named Molly and starred in a play adaption of Peter Pan with her, only to end up being dumped.  Schmidt and Jenko save her at the end and she kisses Schmidt in return.  In 22 Jump Street, while at college, Schmidt dates a girl named Maya, who, unbeknownst to him, is the daughter of his boss, Captain Dickson.  


  • Captain Dickson claimed Schmidt was a virgin throughout high school due to his unpopular interests which is true when Schmidt was surprised how he knew.
  • His relationship with Molly is unknown following the events of 21 Jump Street, but it is presumed he broke up with her before the events of 22 Jump Street.
  • Schmidt has a role reversal with Jenko in 22 Jump Street as Schmidt struggles to fit in with the cool kids at college while Jenko becomes popular after joining a fraternity and the football team.
  • He is also the remake of Tom Hanson from the t.v. series but his actor's friend Michael Cera has never been in a film with Johnny Depp.