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Molly is a major character from 21 Jump Street, whom is portrayed by Brie Larson.

When Greg and Morton start their first day back in high school, Morton has a crush on her. She hangs out with Eric and Burns. She made out with Morton at Eric's house and later plans to play as Wendy in a Peter Pan play. However, while she is planning to play when Greg and Morton must chase after Eric, which ends up being a battle against the One Percenters. She ends up hating both of them until she notices that Greg and Morton where trying to save her (at the end of the movie).  At the end, she shares a kiss with Morton.


For the most part, Molly is a nice girl who has some real issues with dealing with trust. Not that she is a dishonest person, she just gets rather attached to someone when she thinks she can trust him and then gets enraged, furious, and broken-hearted when she figures out that person wasn't. This particularly applies to her relationship with Schmidt. While Schmidt never meant to hurt her or betray her trust, he needed to keep his undercover identity a secret and then had to come out honestly when he was trying to protect her at prom.

Molly's difficulty with trust is justified and understandable however as her father seemed to randomly walk out on her and her family at a very young age.


  • It's likely she and Eric had an open relationship.