MiB 23 was an upcoming crossover movie of Men in Black and 21 Jump Street. James Bobin was going to direct the film and Phil Lord and Christopher Miller we're going to be the writers and producers of the film. The film's release is no longer happening.


After the Sony Pictures Entertainment's system hack in November 2014, the crossover was announced December 10, 2014. Channing Tatum has yet to reprise his role of Greg Jenko in the crossover.

A first draft of this crossover film has been completed. It's also confirmed that this crossover film will replace the 23 Jump Street film, leading to the cancellation of that film.

However, in an interview with the HollywoodReporter, Jonah Hill stated that the crossover will likely not happen, leading to the possible revival of the 23 Jump Street film project.



  • Until today, is still unknown if this crossover would be a continuation of Men in Black 3 or a reboot of the Men in Black film series. Altough Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are planning in reboot the Men in Black trilogy, without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Sony doesn't made an official announcement until now. Many fans are speculating that, after this film, Men in Black 4 will be released.
    • However, in a recent interview, Will Smith has stated that he will not reprise his role of Agent J in this crossover film, meaning that this crossover will reebot the Men in Black film franchise, leading with the possible cancellation of Men in Black 4.
  • It's unknown if Ice Cube will reprise his role of Captain Dickson.
  • Oren Uziel, writer of 22 Jump Street, will write this film, with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (curiously, he also wrote a script for the possible Men in Black 4).
  • It's possible that the film was scrapped, according with Jonah Hill during the interview with the HollywoodReporter.


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