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Maya with Schmidt in bed.

Maya Dickson is the daughter of Captain Dickson in 22 Jump Street.  She attends M.C State College and enters a relationship with Schmidt while he's undercover, much to the dismay of her father.  She is potrayed by Amber Stevens.


Maya is a nice and passionate girl who enjoys poetry like Schmidt.  She will do anything to help the people she loves as seen at the end of 22 jump street when she helped apprehend the suspects with her father, Jenko and Schmidt (who had a gun pointed to his head by one of the suspects).


  • Her mother is played by Queen Latifah
  • She seems to like Jenko as a friend.
  • It is unknown if Maya knows that her dad runs Jump Street.
  • Her dad compliments her on how she puts handcuffs on a suspect by saying "Nice job with the cuffs baby girl!" with a smile on his face.