Weckerle is a drug addict, who was abused by Tyrell Thompson before he got caught for his crimes. He died accidentally in his quest to stop his abuse in a drug addict center.


He has a sister and parents. He had a business relationship with drug dealer Tyrell Thompson. Tyrell became abusive, when he owed him money in a ruthless manner. When Tyrell discovered, that cops were on his trail he tried to murder him by giving him poisonous heroin.

Hanson, however, saved his life and Tyrell was convicted for his crimes with his help. After that, because his drug problem was still there, he was sent by his father in a deceiving manner to a drug addict center. The place was run by people, who thought about breaking drug addicts as part of a plan to mold them into better beings and where even ill people were sent to in order to enrich themselves. He, like others, was abused criminally (assault, wrongful imprisonment and aggravated assault (forcing him to take pills)) to such an extent, that, in Kenny's case, his obsession of getting out of there became so great, that, in his obsessive attempt, he caused a mortal accident on himself and died.

His family became haunted because of this event. Additionally his death was covered up to the extent of trying to get rid of Hanson, who tried to help him by posing there as a drug addict. However, they did not know he was a cop and the attempt, which included his illegal transfer to a psychiatric institution so that he won't talk (kidnapping) failed. Captain Fuller was able to get him out of there and Hanson, in memory of Kenny, testified against the institution and its leading members.

Notes and Trivia

Kenny had to do with Hanson's first case.

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