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Police officer Detective Judith “Judy”Marie Hoffs is a secondary protagonist of 21 Jump Street (TV series) and makes an uncredited cameo in 21 Jump Street (film).


Early Life[]

Becoming a Police Officer[]

Judy attended University while working at a police department.

Joining the Jump Street Program[]

Judy is a high ranking police officer and first in line for promotions. During the time that Jump Street was closed down, she worked for the mayor's wife as a lecturer at elementary schools.

Her Own House[]

She bought her Dream House. Sal was the home inspector. Pre-Production of this episode was in Season 4 when he was still around.


Judy had a Common Cold where she took Over The Counter, yet strong remedies. They were identified as Illegal Substances and was immediately Suspended. The Internal Affairs used what ever dirt that he found to get rid of her. She had no choice except to get an expensive Hair Follicle Test which proved her Innocence. The moment she got reinstated she approached his Lender and told him that his client is an Illegal Gambler. She demanded compensation and a signed retraction in her files.

Role Model[]

In Season 5, Episode 9 their Assignment was to find the person or people blackmailing students which indirectly resulted in a student's death and forced another into prostitution. Judy, who graduated top of her class, decided to sell her old papers until they solved the case. The Store Clerk that sold the papers took charge of the company after the Manager was found guilty. He said he was hired because was a teacher that "Spoon Fed" his students. She offered to take him for Coffee in an attempt to convince him to change the Used Homework Company to a Tutoring Company instead. She concluded by remembering the student's death and the other student's prostitution. She asked him: "When was the last time you slept through the night?". He decided after all to take her to get Coffee.

Movie Return[]

Judy Hoffs with Jenko and Schmidt

Judy Hoffs is 46 years old and with newbies Jenko and Schmidt.

Hoffs It was revealed she has been with police force since the TV Series ended and now work a as a police detective and where the former Jump Street Captain Adam Fuller is a police commissioner and is her boss and she helps out Newbie police officers and undercover Jump Street unit Greg Jenko and Schmidt find a cool car for their undercover operation.


Judy Hoffs appears elderly and 76 years old this was 50years later time jump.

Judy Hoffs appears elderly and 76 years old this was 50 years later time jump.

50 years laters Hoffs is retired from the force and is living her life to the fullest and is happy with her life now and it unknown if she was married or had more children.




Judy had a friend who lost her infant and every thing else to drugs. She learned the hard way her friend did not want to get better. Joey learned the same thing when an Infant was born a drug addict and her mother abducted her infant and later sold her for drugs. In episode Second Chances, Judy tried to get a convict a job. She had too much confidence in him which pushed him too far. Nobody told him about taxes from the paychecks. He foolishly tried to spend money on a date. The result is that he ended up betraying Judy. However, he eventually decided to provide her information to solve the case. He cooperated fully with the investigation.


She has a habit of dating muscular, charming, very shy, and unbelievably dumb men.


She is second in command of the station.


Her parents rarely get along with each other. She says that she hates going home for the holidays and having children. Judy got an abortion when she was in high school and did not tell her parents. Season 3, Episode 5 forced her to rethink what happened.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Judy is the only one of the Jump Street gang who has a college degree.
  • Judy is the only one of the Jump Street gang who lost a child (due to a abortion) and the fourth Jump Street gang member to have child known on the TV Series or Movie the first is Captain Richard Jenko who has presumably son Greg Jenko and the second is Captain Adam Fuller who has a son Kingpin “Kip”Fuller and the third is Sal Banducci who has four children and the fifth is Doug Penhall who adopts his widow Marta nephew Clavo as his own son/legal ward and the sixth is Captain Dickson who has a daughter.
  • Judy is one of two of Jump Street officers who was promoted to sergeant (Ioki was the other). Later, she is the only JS officer to be promoted to detective. When Doug Penhall angrily suggests that Hoffs was promoted over him because she was a "double minority" (as a black female), Hoffs points out that she has a college education and worked with the mayor's office over the previous summer, among other reasons why she was picked over Penhall.
  • Judy is erroneously given three different middle names in the show's five-year run. Jenko calls her Judith Esther in season one. Her mother calls her Judith Marie in season two. In season three, Judy tells Charles Greening that her middle name is Ann. The 21 Jump Street DVDs gives Judy's middle name as Marie.
  • Holly Robinson Peete sang the theme song, with Johnny Deep and Peter DeLuise ad-libbing "jump!" whenever necessary.
  • Peete (then Robinson) appeared in the most episodes of the show. In Second Place is Steven Williams, who also stayed for all five seasons, but did not appear until the seventh episode of the first season. Third Place is Peter DeLuise who left at the beginning of the fifth season.
  • Holly also has a Music Credit for every episode since she sung all the versions of the theme song.
  • However, this does not mean Judy appeared in every episode. Some episodes such as the El Salvador one had only Tom and Doug in it. Other episodes had all the cast members even if they only Cameoed. The cast budget in several Season 5 episodes was reduced to only two people: Adam and Anthony.
  • Despite the episode gaps, she is the only cast member that appeared from the Pilot to the Series Finale.
  • And she also appeared in at least one episode of Booker.


Notable Episodes[]

These episodes are Hoffs-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life.