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Judy Hoffs is a secondary protagonist of 21 Jump Street (TV series) and makes an uncredited cameo in 21 Jump Street (film).


Early Life[]

Becoming a Police Officer[]

Judy attended University while working at a police department.

Joining the Jump Street Program[]

Judy is a high ranking police officer and first in line for promotions. During the time that Jump Street was closed down, she worked for the mayor's wife as a lecturer at elementary schools.







Her parents rarely get along with each other. She says that she hates going home for the holidays and having children. Judy got an abortion when she was in high school and did not tell her parents. Season 3, Episode 5 forced her to rethink what happened.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Judy is the only one of the Jump Street gang who has a college degree.
  • Judy is one of two of Jump Street officers who was promoted to sergeant (Ioki was the other). Later, she is the only JS officer to be promoted to detective. When Doug Penhall angrily suggests that Hoffs was promoted over him because she was a "double minority" (as a black female), Hoffs points out that she has a college education and worked with the mayor's office over the previous summer, among other reasons why she was picked over Penhall.
  • Judy is erroneously given three different middle names in the show's five-year run. Jenko calls her Judith Esther in season one. Her mother calls her Judith Marie in season two. In season three, Judy tells Charles Greening that her middle name is Ann. The 21 Jump Street DVDs gives Judy's middle name as Marie.
  • Holly Robinson Peete sang the theme song, with Johnny Deep and Peter DeLuise ad-libbing "jump!" whenever necessary.
  • Peete (then Robinson) is the only one of the "Jenko cast" to appear in all five seasons of the show. (Steven Williams also stayed for all five seasons, but did not appear until the seventh episode of the first season.)


Notable Episodes[]

These episodes are Hoffs-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life.