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Harry Truman (H.T.) Ioki is one of the main protagonists of 21 Jump Street and made an uncredited cameo in 22 Jump Street.


Early Life[]

He was born in Vietnam and is known in Vietnam as Tran Van Vinh. He had a mother and father and grandmother. His grandmother decided to stay in Vietnam while the rest of them wanted to move to United States. His father and mother were killed in their attempt to board the vessel. Vinh successfully applied for asylum. However, the military base was crowded and the officers hoarded the food to themselves. Vinh learned English and asked for a job serving the refugees. He begged for additional food. His request was eventually granted after his promotion, and was able to stretch his food supplies for the rest of the refugees when he was off duty.

He eventually made it to United States where he was constantly ridiculed. He took the name of a deceased infant that recently died in a Hospital Accident. He pretended to be a journalist and the first file he encountered happened to be Harry Truman Ioki. Not knowing anything about President Truman, he took the name, social security number, and escaped the office.

He stayed with an elderly lady that taught him even more about English by introducing him to preschool shows. He also watched crime dramas his entire life.

Becoming a Police Officer[]

Vietnam imported many Programmes from United States. He loved to watch Crime Dramas. He gained experience in the United States Military working as a Servant which helped him get a job with the police department.

Joining the Jump Street Program[]

Revealing His Heritage[]

They encountered an anomaly in the computer system which said that his Social Security Number matched an Infant that died from a Hospital Accident. Captain Fuller, never comfortable with the name "Harry Truman", immediately wanted the truth from his officer. The officer told him that his name is supposed to be Tran Van Vinh and is from Vietnam not Japan. He liked the fact that the infant was from Japan and hoped that he would be easier. It most certainly was not, and it made things worse with him and Captain Fuller. Adam blamed Vinh for the death of all his friends as a result of being drafted to Vietnam. Tom Hanson continued to advocate for Vinh. Eventually Adam knew that Tom is right and woke up from a terrible nightmare. Fuller testified on behalf of Vinh and submitted documents requesting that Vinh use the identity of Harry Truman Ioki.

Finding His Grandmother[]

In Season 3, Episode 7, Ioki got the attention of a Vietnamese woman. Her family is loyal to Vietnam. The man was able to locate not only Ioki's Grandmother, but also his Aunt. His daughter told him that even if Ioki and the man hate each other, he will keep his promise to send money to Ioki's family. After a while, he gets a letter from his grandmother, and has to face his fears about Vietnam.

The Shooting[]

He was shot by two police officers that were a part of a Gentrification Scheme. They wanted the residents to be hooked on drugs and weapons so that they would be feeble enough to be kicked out of their houses. They immediately recognized Ioki and wanted him to die for trying to expose them. He was comatose for the rest of Season 3.

Addiction and Rehab[]

He continued taking his medicines after he recovered from the shooting. He did not go to Rehab until the episode where the thrill seekers chained Tom to the Roller Coaster.

Distrust of Penhall[]

They were assigned a case about The Aryan Nazis. Harry continued with his usual low self esteem while somebody else explains how silly he is. In this case it was Judy. Harry continued to say that insults are just words. She told him that ignoring insults do not always work. Later, he was ambushed by a bunch of Skin Heads that mocked his Cat Eyes. He successfully fought them off with praise from bystanders. He spent the rest of the episode regretting what he did and got into a huge argument with Penhall. He said that Penhall was sympathizing with them. Penhall told Harry to make up his mind. At the end of the episode Harry attempted to make peace with a very confused Skin Head.


Harry Loathes Vietnam.



He made a friend in Season 4, Episode 13.


Harry's fears of Vietnam prevented him from having long term relationships. One of his relationships ended when she left him for another man and got married to him. However, her and her husband's new baby is named after Harry. He is attractive to Vietnamese women which he avoids.


His closest colleague is Judy.


His Grandmother and Aunt survived the war.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • In 21 Jump Street (episode), Ioki introduces himself by his full name, Harry Truman Ioki. Penhall adds that it wouldn't be hard to guess which year Ioki's parents migrated to the United States, based on what they named him. Ioki furthers the conversation by stating his parents, upon migrating, named him after the person that bombed his people. In Christmas in Saigon, Ioki reveals he is actually Vietnamese, not Japanese, and his parents died before boarding the boat to the United States. He took the name and Social Security Number of a U.S. citizen that died in infancy both to hide his heritage (given the stigma against Vietnamese people coming out of the Vietnam War) and to become an immediate U.S. citizen.


Notable Episodes[]

These episodes are Ioki-centric or are otherwise very informative about his life.