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Greg Jenko
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Rank: Officer
Nationality: American
Status: Alive
Dislikes: Glee
love interest Ms. Griggs
Portrayed by: Channing Tatum
Appears 21 Jump Street (film)

Gregory ''Greg'' Jenko is the co-protagonist of the 21 Jump Street Movie franchise, serving as the co-protagonist of 21 Jump Street, a 2012 film loosely based upon and serving as a loose sequel to the 1987 television series of the same name and its sequel 22 Jump Street. He is portrayed by actor and model Channing Tatum.

Jenko begins as a popular jock in high school are and seven years later as a 'down on his luck' police officer, whom, along with his partner Schmidt, must work undercover as a high school student to take down a drug ring spreading a brand new drug.

Jenko is academically challenged. He failed out of his senior prom and considers a 'C' a grade of success; however, he learns well at hands-on projects. For example while in the car chase, he made a hi deadly bomb from only a bottle of booze, a shotgun bomb shell, and a lithium battery after taking lessons from his slutty chemistry teacher.

Jenko and Schmidt, being polar opposites, find that to-get-her they can make up for one another's shortcomings (Jenko's trouble with learning things not of the physical sort and Schmidt's inability to act physically or with confidence). They become fast friends in adulthood, even though they were enemies in their real time spent in high school.

In 22 Jump Street, while undercover in college with Schmidt, Jenko befriends a football player named Zook, and joins his fraternity where the two become best friends, much to Schmidt's dismay.( may be a nod to Richard jenko , 21 jumpstreet 1987 season one )


  • Blames the television series Glee for the modern unpopularity of his style of 'cool'.
  • There was a character named Richard Jenko in the first season of the television show that inspired this film. He played a Captain and was present only in 6 episodes. Much of the information on the internet thus far does not even mention a connection between the two, but IMDB does have a page for the character 'Jenko' regarding this 2012 movie. On this page is a combination of information pertaining to both the character from the television series, as well as the character from the 2012 movie.
  • Jenko has a role reversal with Schmidt in 22 Jump Street as Jenko becomes popular after joining a fraternity and the football team while Schmidt struggles to fit in with the cool kids at college. 
  • Jenko has a superpower that allows him to become almost superhuman whilst protecting Schmidt.
  • My name Jeff
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