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Eric Molson is the secondary antagonist of 21 Jump Street and a minor character in 22 Jump Street.

He is a drug dealer at the high school and one of the antagonists.  He sold the HFS to students without getting caught. He is a popular student, and is good friends with Molly, Juario, and other students. He lives in a mansion, which Morton went to see him at. Morton Schmidt acts as a fellow drug dealer, though gives it to be confiscated. Morton and Jenko then find out that they are dealing with the One Percenters, which turns into a fight against the One Percenters. They find the supplier and it becomes a large battle against the drug dealers. Eric is arrested at the end of the movie.  In 22 Jump Street, Eric is now in jail with Mr. Walters , who is in a forced 'relationship' with Eric and considers him to be his "bitch".  

Personality[edit | edit source]

Eric is a modern day hippie so to speak, he is very calm for the most part , but later on freaks out after his life may be turned around for the worse. He doesn't seem to care about his relationship with Molly, especially when he suspects Doug is texting her. Later on in prison, he reveals to be a forced homosexual and also seems agitated with Mr. Walters, as Eric doesn't like it when Mr. Walters considers himself to be his "Bitch". Eric possibly got Mr. Walters pregnant due to Mr. Walters having a vagina and Eric having sex with him. At the last scene of 22 Jump Street, We see Eric about to cry. Maybe because he is excited for his new daughter or son because he is having a daughter with a man or because he's gonna be a dad soon.

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