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Captain Adam Fuller was a police captain who succeeded Captain Richard Jenko as the commander of the 21 Jump Street team. He had the reputation of being more stern than his predecessor. Despite his no-nonsense approach, Captain Fuller did have confidence the team could perform their assignments without constant oversight. Most episodes were centered on the actions of the team while Fuller was the officer they reported to. However, some episodes did focus on Captain Fuller, such as when he found himself kicked off the force without reason, and the 21 Jump Street team realizes this was on orders of the mayor, as they happened to catch the mayor's son in a drug bust.


He is introduced in the middle of Episode 7 during a major format change of 21 Jump Street. He previously worked at New York City Police and had to change jobs numerous times. Fuller immediately overhauls Jump Street to be as sophisticated as New York's and typically has a stern approach for running the department.

He was drafted to Vietnam. He married and has at least one son. His marriage regretfully ended after he spent too much time with his female coworker. He finally met his son who is a proud Rasta. Eventually he moves in with Adam and attends University because he wants to be just like his Dad.

Adam occasionally patrols in uniform and also has gone undercover as a substitute teacher. His relationship with his employees is mostly professional. However, he has let them in during the middle of the night, rehired them without question if they left Jump Street, and they occasionally refer to him as Coach.