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Booker is a spin-off of 21 Jump Street, starring Richard Grieco as Dennis Booker. It had a single season with 22 episodes and aired on Fox from September 24,1989 to May 6,1990.


Dennis Booker, who once worked for the Metropolis Police Department's Jump Street Program, is now hired by the US office of a large Japanese company to investigate some suspicious insurance claims. Booker is portrayed as despising authority, and he is often openly disdainful of the orders he receives. He also occasionally undertakes non-work-related tasks in order to help friends and family.


  1. Booker
  2. The Pump
  3. Raising Arrizola
  4. High Rise
  5. All You Gotta Do is Do It
  6. Bete Noir
  7. Flat Out
  8. Deals and Wheels (1)[1]
  9. Someone Stole Lucille
  10. Cementhead
  11. The Red Dot
  12. Who Framed Roger Thorton?
  13. Hacker
  14. The Life and Death of Chick Sterling
  15. Black Diamond Run
  16. Love Life
  17. Reunion
  18. Wedding Bell Blues
  19. Molly and Eddie
  20. Crazy
  21. Mobile Home
  22. Father's Day



  1. This as a two-part episode. Part 1 was aired in the Booker TV series as episode 8 on November 26, 1989, part two in the 21 Jump Street TV series as episode 4x10 on November 27, 1989.