Man, that girl is totally fresh. I'm gonna get me a slice.Seebock Thug

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Hanson goes undercover at a rough school after a drug dealer is found shot to death in the parking lot. Penhall dons a uniform and patrols with a veteran officer that works in the community. Hoffs tries to help a woman named Darlene, a junkie involved in the case. While working undercover, Hanson crosses path with a student (and possible suspect) Ronnie Seebok.

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Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Josh Richman as Ronnie Seebok
  • Renee Jones as Darlene
  • Bruce A. Young as Police Sergeant James Adabo

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Notes and Trivia

  • The track jacket that Hanson is wearing while undercover is Adidas Originals while Ronnie Seebok's track suit is FILA. Both of the brands were very popular at the time during this episode




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