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Anthony McCann is a police officer who joined the 21 Jump Street department in season 5. He first appears in episode 3 of that season.



His actor is Michael Bendetti. He is a substitute for Tom Hanson the original star of the show. Johnny Depp did not like overwhelming fan base and wanted too much money. By the time that 21 Jump Street was canceled for the first time, they moved to First Run Syndication. Most of the cast was eliminated since they could not afford their salaries. By the end of Season 4 they started shooting episodes for Season 5 looking for cast replacements. They performed terribly and were not hired for season 5. Bendetti, was given the rest of the episodes since he was affordable and very talented. He has been quoted for saying that the audition process was very stressful since they were wanting a substitute for Johnny Depp and his predecessor was certainly no substitute for Johnny Depp. Not long after 21 Jump Street ended, he has mostly quit acting. He did not appear in any 21 Jump Street movies.