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21 Jump Street (episode) is a two-part episode and the pilot of 21 Jump Street (TV series). It premiered on April 12, 1987.

Short Summary[]

Full Summary[]

Part 1:[]

Kenny's Choices Catch Up With Him[]

The episode begins with a young woman and her mother arguing. The pair banter back and forth about the young woman's eating habits and inability to listen for more than one second at a time. As the mother takes the salad bowl away from her daughter, the two split up, with one returning to the dining room to finish serving dinner and the other calling her mother "prehistoric," and turning the stereo on to the band Heart.

At dinner time, the daughter emerges in the dining room to tell her father Sherry's "old man" (father) was arrested for drunk driving, and Sherry's mother was upset about it. The mother chastises her daughter, saying that was none of their business. The young woman's name is revealed to be Noreen Weckerle. Her mother goes on to say Sherry's father is a client of Noreen's father.

Noreen's father changes topics, voicing that he thought Noreen didn't like Sherry anymore. She replies that she doesn't, but she thinks it's "pretty neat" that her father "got busted." Her mother defends Sherry's father, stating he didn't get busted, because only criminals get busted. She prefers the term "arrested."

Noreen's brother walks into the dining room, stating Sherry's father was exceptionally drunk and that he saw him coming out of an establishment a few weeks prior so inebriated that he needed "a compass to find his own hands."

Again attempting to switch topics, the father asks his son how he was progressing in his clarinet practice. His son sarcastically retorts that it is going well; that he is turning 'boredom into an art form." His mother reveals his name to be Kenny Weckerle and scolds him for his attitude, claiming the clarinet he is using to learn was the same clarinet his father used to learn when he was Kenny's age.

Tyrell threatens the Weckerle family.

Things take a turn when two men with guns break the window to the dining room and enter their home to do them harm. The first man demands that the family stand up from their seats at the table, but no one moves, and the mother continues to scream. The first man then says to the family menacingly, "stay quiet, stay alive." The mother's name is revealed to be Diane Weckerle, as her husband pleads with her to do what the men ask of her.

He then directs his attention to the aggressors, saying they will do anything he asks of them, as long as he doesn't hurt anybody. He then asks the aggressor what he wants from them, to which the man replies the father should ask Kenny, who at this point is hiding his face in his hands in dread. The man grabs Kenny's face, forcefully pulling him up from his chair, claiming Kenny owes him $6,000.

Kenny's mother is shocked to find that Kenny knows these men. Kenny offers no explanation, pleading with his mother not to talk. Kenny directs his focus to the aggressors, saying he will give them the money, but he needs more time to attain it. In a fit of rage and confusion, the father rises up out of his chair, demanding he be briefed on the situation. The second man pushes him back in his chair while the first man shoots the television in an attempt to intimidate the family.

The first man announces that time had run out and he was taking the Jaguar vehicle in the driveway as partial payment. The second man forces the father to give him the keys, threatening to harm Noreen if he didn't. He then states it was nice to meet the family, and the two men retreat with the stolen Jaguar.

Meanwhile, in the house, Kenny dramatically pleads with his father not to get law enforcement involved as his father walks to the phone. Kenny tries to knock the phone out of his dad's hands, but this does not stop him from making the call. Kenny then announces if his father calls the police, the aggressors will kill Kenny.

Meeting Tom Hanson[]

In a diner, two police officers are seen arguing over protocol. The young officer asks the veteran officer why a specific scenario would never happen, to which the veteran officer replied police officers "work with science, now." The young officer offers a scenario: If they are called in on "a 415" (disturbance call) and they arrive on the scene to find six men with weapons and intent to harm the officers, what would they do? The veteran officer replied that they would leave the scene. The young officer seems to disbelieve his partner.

The two officers enter their vehicle, and the young officer advances the scenario, adding that they can't leave because there's a woman screaming for their help. The veteran officer claims they still do not stay on-scene, to which the young officer replies that he would stay. As his partner, the veteran officer replied that if the young officer was with him, he would leave because he has six months left before retirement and he's not "going up in smoke over a 415."

He goes on to say if there's a "little old lady" screaming for help, he doesn't see that as a grave concern, because when his "old lady" screams for help, his solution is to take her to the movies. The young officer, annoyed, sarcastically asks the veteran officer if that's what they taught him in the police academy. His partner informs him that 30 years prior, there was no police academy, just "the streets." His training consisted of shadowing a police officer for 10 days, during which time he was allowed to bust a couple of guys who were trying to kill each other over stolen possessions. He claims things were simpler then, but now "police works for science."

The veteran officer says he heard the last two partners the young officer had ended up with broken noses, speculating that the young officer likes to "ride in hot and kick tail." The young officer denies this speculation, but the veteran officer insists he is right, further speculating that the young officer's youthful face has made him a target since he was an adolescent. The young officer does not deny it this time.

Hanson and Charlie talking in their police car.

The veteran officer claims he knew the young officer's father and that he was a good cop and much bigger than his son. The young officer retorts that perhaps that was the reason people made his father a target. The veteran officer agrees with him then responds to a call on his radio and pulls out of the diner, effectively causing hot coffee to spill into the lap of the young officer.

Kenny and Hanson Meet[]

In the house of the robbed family, the two officers take notes as the family describes the incident. The veteran officer asks the father if he had ever seen the aggressors before, to which the father replied he hadn't, citing his occupation "in insurance" as the reason for never having seen them before.

The father states Kenny won't tell him anything about the men or his relationship to them and that he has locked himself in his room. Noreen relays an anecdote about the last time Kenny locked himself in his room to exemplify her brother's flair for the dramatic. She then flirtatiously focuses her attention on the young officer, asking him if he's old enough to be a police officer. She compares him to "that kid in Pretty in Pink" to further emphasize his young-looking features.

Diane walks in and offers the officers coffee. Her husband asks if she was able to get Kenny to talk about the incident, to which Diane replies Kenny is scared. The father's name is revealed to be Bill Weckerle. The veteran officer tells the young officer to try to talk to Kenny, as he just finished up with domestics at the academy.

The young officer apologizes to the family when his partner makes an offhand comment about their parenting. Changing the subject, the young officer asks the parents if Kenny is a good student. Kenny himself replies that, with the exception of gym class, he is a good student. Kenny is seen strewn on the staircase, visibly upset as he speaks with the young officer.

Hanson and Kenny meet for the first time.

Kenny's mother tries to gently coax him down the stairs, but when Kenny refuses, his father assertively shouts to his son to come down and speak with the police officers. Seeing the beginnings of a possibly hostile situation, the young officer attempts to speak with Kenny alone. He tries to appeal to Kenny by telling him it's okay to be afraid, but Kenny does not budge, asking the officer to leave him alone. When he concedes, he asks Kenny, "What happens if they come back?" Kenny abruptly stands and runs back to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Upon leaving the residence, the veteran officer chastises his partner for failing to get Kenny to talk, but the young officer uses his position as top of his class at the academy in domestics as his defense, stating Kenny wasn't going to talk, so it wasn't productive to keep trying. As the officers are getting in the car, the young officer reveals the veteran officer's name to be Charlie Donegan.

Convenience Store Robbery[]

In a convenience store, three men rob a convenience store, with a fourth driving the getaway car.

Meanwhile, Charlie and his partner discuss Kenny's case in their car. The young officer believes it must be drug-related, and Charlie agrees. The young officer notes that Kenny does not resemble a drug addict, to which Charlie replied, "Nowadays, you find more junkies in pro sports than you do the jazz club."

Suddenly, a car catches Charlie's eye, and he instructs the young officer to turn around. Upon catching up with the car in question and pulling up beside it at a stoplight, Charlie rolls his window down to confront the occupants of the car, which happen to be the foursome that robbed the convenience store. Charlie asks them why they stopped at the stoplight when the light was green. The driver responded by abruptly running through the now-red light.

Hanson and Charlie pursue the Convenience Store Robbery Foursome.

After a rough pursuit that involved barreling through debris, flying over hills, and driving the wrong direction on one-way streets, the young officer is able to make the stop by T-boning the car, which had slid into a construction dirt pile, effectively trapping it.

Charlie exits the car and pulls his gun on the convenience store robbery group, instructing them not to move. The young officer backs the car up slightly before also exiting to stand on the opposite side of the car from Charlie, looking stunned and unsure of what to do. At this point, the young officer is finally revealed to be named Tom Hanson. Charlie exasperatedly instructs Hanson to take out his gun as well.

While Charlie instructs the perpetrators on what to do, Hanson stands with his gun aimed at the perpetrators, looking nervous. After patting them down, Charlie informs Hanson that he needs to find a payphone to call for backup and he has to leave Hanson alone with the four suspects.

The foursome begin taunting Hanson for his youthful appearance and refuse to comply with Hanson's orders, despite the fact that Hanson has a gun on all four of them. When one of them flick a cigarette behind Hanson and, in response, Hanson turns his head, another of the suspects charges him, with the others not far behind. One flings him against his own car, causing the gun to go off.

Meanwhile, Charlie is seen running back after he heard the gunshot, fearing for Hanson's safety. While three of them drove off in the police car (which still had the keys in it), the fourth remained behind to beat Hanson. After a few punches, Hanson manages to get the upper hand and flings the perpetrator against the car aggressively in a fit of rage. Charlie arrives back at this time and drags Hanson off of the suspect.

Hanson gets into a physical altercation with a suspect.

Despite having been beaten moments before, the suspect continues to taunt Hanson, who is now bleeding from a cut above his eye. He tells Charlie to keep Hanson away from him, because when he beats on him, he "feel[s] like a child molester." This prompts Hanson to jump in front of Charlie and wind back in an attempt to punch the suspect. What happened instead is his elbow catches Charlie in the nose during the windup.

Dealing with the Aftermath[]

Back at the precinct, Hanson is teased for the catastrophe of a bust that happened the night before. Meanwhile in the locker room, Charlie defends Hanson to Hanson's former partner (Mike Summers, whose nose he also broke), stating Hanson was a "good cop" and can't help if he looks too young for criminals to take him seriously.

Hanson walks into the locker room as Charlie and Mike are finishing their conversation and apologizes to Charlie for his broken nose, who tells him not to worry about it. Unfortunately, Charlie says, the captain wants to see Hanson in his office, which Hanson is not surprised to hear. Charlie gives Hanson a quick pep talk before sending him off to speak with the captain.

Hanson finds the captain whose named revealed to be Captain Briody, and the pair walk down the hallway, discussing Hanson's fate. The captain does not beat around the bush, telling Hanson he has to make some changes. He goes on to tell Hanson that officers have to be capable of taking command by scaring criminals, and instead, Hanson makes them laugh due to his youthful appearance. He says Hanson is good, but if he continues to put Hanson in the field, he's risking his other men's safety.

Hanson grows defensive, believing the captain is firing him. The captain tells him to hear him out on a position he thinks Hanson would be good for. As Hanson pouts, the captain tells him about the Jump Street Chapel Program, which takes young-looking officers and puts them undercover in high schools. Hanson initially rejects the proposal, citing his discontent in high school the first time around as his reason. The captain then reveals there have been 11 homicides in high schools since the previous December. Hanson still rejects the offer until the captain gives him the ultimatum: Hanson can either take the Jump Street position or sit behind a desk until he looks old enough to be a police officer. Hanson then begrudgingly takes the information from the captain.

Hanson plays the saxophone.

Back at his house, Hanson plays his saxophone and listens to old phone message conversations between him and his father, in which Hanson details a fight he got into at school because other kids were calling his father a fascist and saying all cops are pigs. He ponders this conversation while on his way to the Jump Street Chapel, where he is supposed to report for his first assignment.

The Chapel[]

Upon walking into the chapel, Hanson is greeted by another young man who teases him for wearing his uniform, since Jump Street members are expected to dress casually. The man introduces himself as Doug Penhall. Doug then indirectly introduces the other Jump Street member in the room as Harry Truman (H.T.) Ioki. Hanson says he is looking for Captain Richard Jenko, which prompts Jenko to slide down a fire pole-like structure to greet Hanson.

After dismissing him several times in an attempt to find "Captain Richard Jenko," Hanson is appalled to learn that the "hang-on hippie" with the long hair who was just discussing Woodstock with him is, in fact, Jenko. Hanson follows Jenko into his office, where Jenko promptly begins discussing his love for Jimi Hendrix, a monologue that goes unappreciated, as Hanson replies he isn't familiar with Hendrix.

Jenko immediately begins Hanson's training to regress back to his teenage years, specifying that he needed to learn to become like "the bad kind; the kind that gets into trouble; the kind you're going to have to be like so they think you're one of 'em." He recruits another Jump Street member, Judy Hoffs, to help with the process, instructing her to take him down to wardrobe to fix his appearance.

Hanson and Hoffs find Hanson some cooler music.

After altering his look, Hoffs takes Hanson to various places to integrate him back into the world of a teenager, including the arcade and the record store, where Hoffs removes one of her earrings and holds it up to him, suggesting that he let her pierce his ear, which he adamantly refuses; however, in the next scene, he is shown wearing an earring.

Busting Jays[]

At a gathering with many young people, Penhall, undercover, throws a beer bottle at the window of Jenko's notorious yellow V.W. Bus as he drives by as part of their plan to fabricate a scene to establish Penhall's credibility and to give Hanson a chance to scope out the person he will soon be going after, whose name is revealed to be Jays.

With Ioki and Hoffs in tow, Jenko and Hanson discuss the plan: Once they round the block and they let him out, Hanson will act as Penhall's cousin and make a buy from the person they ID'd earlier. Jenko emphasizes that Hanson is not to make a bust tonight.

When Hanson arrives and Penhall introduces him to Jays, he and Hanson go to an isolated area in an alleyway. A rather brief and hostile confrontation ensues, during which Hanson slips up and calls the drug by an obsolete name. As Hanson digs in his pocket for the money, Jays pulls a gun on him, pressing the barrel to his forehead as he accuses him of being a cop.

Though visibly nervous, Hanson holds his own, stating he "doesn't need this" and "can get his drugs from anybody." This does not convince Jays, so Hanson takes a risk, provoking him by telling him to pull the trigger, if he really believes Hanson is a cop.

The suspect removes the gun from Hanson's forehead but does not lower it and begins taunting Hanson about his youthful appearance. Seemingly unable to control his temper, Hanson abruptly grabs the gun from the suspect and brings him to the ground with a knee to the gut, holding the suspect's own gun to his head.

Jenko reads Hanson the Riot Act.

His cover now blown, Hanson has no choice but to do precisely what Jenko told him not to do, which was to bust Jays. Jenko pulls up in his van, and he, Ioki, and Hoffs all get out to confront Hanson. Jenko, irate, begins berating Hanson for arresting Jays without cause. He reveals that, while Hanson made the exchange, all that was in the bag was a pair of dirty socks, thus giving him no reason for an arrest. He continues to berate him, stating he just ruined six months of their work for nothing.

Kenny's Newspaper Route[]

During a seemingly routine paper route on his moped, Kenny smashes the window of a jewelry store and steals what is inside.

Back at the Chapel[]

Meanwhile, back at the chapel, Penhall, Ioki, and Hoffs are attempting to fix Hoffs' old, rundown vehicle when Hanson drives up in his blue Mustang. Hanson initially believes the car is Penhall's, but when Penhall reveals it's Hoffs' car, Hanson is in disbelief. Hanson takes a look under the hood, where Penhall and Ioki are testing different fixes, and makes a brief adjustment before telling Hoffs to try again. Sure enough, the car starts, impressing his coworkers.

While going over assignments, Jenko reveals to Hanson that his first undercover assignment will be at Emerest High School as a disciplinary transfer from Wilcox with a suspected drug problem. Jenko emphasizes that there is nothing substantial happening at that school, so it should be a good introductory assignment for Hanson.

First Day at Emerest[]

Hanson pulls his blue mustang into a parking spot upon arriving at Emerest, an act that angers the owner of that spot, who is none other than the main aggressor in the break-in at Kenny's home. The man asks Hanson to move, and when Hanson refuses, the man gets out of his car to confront him.

The second man from the burglary attempts to intimidate Hanson by flicking his cigarette at him and telling him again to move his car. Hanson proceeds to pick the cigarette up, take a drag from it, then stick it down the second aggressor's pants, stating he's "trying to quit."

Hanson carves the word "NO" into Tyrell's stolen Jaguar.

The main aggressor puts a dent in Hanson's prized Mustang, prompting Hanson to carve the word "NO" into the hood of the stolen Jaguar. The two get into a physical altercation until a teacher breaks them up. The teacher reveals the aggressor's name to be Tyrell Thompson. Hanson reveals his undercover alias to be Tom Bower. When neither student will confess to who started it, the teacher orders them to Principal Jake Shaffer's office, immediately.

In the principal's office, Tyrell is given two weeks of detention and told his probation officer would be getting a report. Upon looking at Hanson's file, Shaffer tells him that he expects to see him at the game with his father the following night. Hanson attempts to get out of it, but Shaffer insists, threatening to kick him out otherwise.

Hanson and Tyrell talking in the hallway.

As he approaches his locker, Hanson is appaled to see a familiar face a few lockers down: Kenny's. At first, Hanson believes he has been recognized when Kenny starts getting upset, but he soon realizes Tyrell (who goes by Waxer), is right behind him. The episode ends with Tyrell, walking forcefully with Hanson, telling him that he's really going to like Emerest, "if he likes dying."

Part 2:[]

Debrief at the Chapel[]

Part 2 begins with Penahll, Ioki, and Jenko playing slow motion football with a frisbee in the chapel. Hanson walks in in the middle of their game, asking if he can speak with them. The trio ignores him as he pleads with them to "get down to business."

Ioki, Penhall, and Jenko playing frisbee in the chapel.

When he finally gets their attention, Jenko asks him what he wants, and Hanson replies that, according to procedure, he's supposed to debrief with Jenko. Jenko states he doesn't like procedure because it sounds Republican Hanson retorts that he is, in fact, a Republican. Jenko is not surprised.

Jenko gathers the group (Penhall, Ioki, Hanson, and Hoffs) around a table to go over their cases. Ioki goes first, sliding a bag of cocaine across the table. Jenko was under the impression that the Parker Center Precinct could not front him the money for a few more days, but Ioki states that, despite the fact that he only had $2,000, the dealer let him take the rest of it in good faith. Jenko says he can get Ioki a warrant by morning for the dealer's arrest.

Moving on to Hanson's progress, Hanson pulls out a notepad with an excruciatingly detailed rundown of the day's events at Emerest. He claims he had the juvenile department pull Tyrell's file, and it was extensive. He also claims he believes Tyrell is a suspect in the robbery case he investigated with Charlie. Hanson then reveals that Kenny Weckerle, a victim in the case, also goes to Emerest, and Hanson watched Tyrell extort money from Kenny.

Hanson then suggests to Jenko that he doesn't believe Jenko placed him in the same school as Kenny on accident. Jenko affirms his suspicions, and when Hanson asks why he would take the risk, seeing as Kenny could easily recognize him, Jenko claims that would "never happen."

Jenko ends the meeting by stating he wants Hanson to do a 24-hour stakeout on Kenny and that he and Ioki must go together and use Ioki's car so Kenny doesn't recognize Hanson's Mustang.

Stakeout and Pursuit of Kenny Weckerle[]

During the stakeout, Ioki tells Hanson he used to watch reruns of American shows to learn English, and the first time he heard the word "stakeout," he thought it was a means of ordering steak to-go. He goes on to say his interpretation of "assume the position" was even worse. Ioki does not like doing stakeouts, but Hanson says he doesn't mind it because he likes being in the field.

Ioki responds that Hanson really does embody the typical police officer personality, stating he must be like his father, who he said won the Medal of Valor. Ioki asks what he won the Medal of Valor for, to which Hanson responds "getting killed."

Ioki and Hanson stake out the Weckerle house.

Shortly after revealing this to Ioki, the Weckerles' garage door opens to reveal Kenny mounting his moped. Ioki and Hanson duck to stay out of sight and watch Kenny take off down the road. The start their engine and follow not far behind him.

As they follow him, Ioki becomes doubtful of Hanson's suspicions, because it appears Kenny is just doing his job as a newspaper boy. Suddenly, Kenny breaks the window of another store and steals the contents inside. Ioki and Hanson race after him as he speeds off on his moped.

The chase that ensues eventually leads the Jump Street officers to haphazardly swerve onto an open road, unluckily in front of another cop car. Meanwhile, Kenny is able to take back roads on his smaller vehicle and masterfully rides down several flights of outdoor steps in an attempt to lose the officers.

Kenny tries to evade Ioki and Hanson on his moped.

Unwilling to stop because he needs the credit for this bust, Ioki continues to pursue Kenny while the cop car he swerved in front of continues to pursue him. As Ioki and Hanson approach a turn in the road, Kenny crosses their paths, causing the pair to abruptly turn as well in pursuit.

Kenny is finally able to escape by taking an on-ramp that is under construction and inaccessible in a standard-size vehicle. Disappointed, Hanson and Ioki stop their vehicles, only to immediately have guns pulled on them by none other than Hanson's former partner Charlie Donegan and his new partner, who were in the other pursuing cop car.

Upon recognizing Hanson, Donegan says "Hanson...I should've known. I didn't recognize you without the bandage on your partner's nose."

Wendy's Advances and Rip Van Winkle[]

The following day at Emerest High School, Hanson, acting as and going by Tom Bower, meets a girl in his English class who passes him a note, only to have it exposed by the teacher moments later. He insists that Hanson read the message aloud, despite Hanson's objections. Hanson proceeds to fabricate the contents of the note into something more appropriate, causing the teacher to confiscate it in frustration.

The teacher then takes it upon himself to read it aloud to the class, revealing that the girl's name is Wendy and she "likes to party." He picks apart her sentence for using a preposition at the end when she instructs Hanson to tell her "where it's [his car] at." When the English teacher asks Hanson to "help her out" in revising the sentence, he faux-misunderstands and "helps her out" by telling Wendy where his car is parked instead.

As the English teacher continues to try and teach his lesson, Hanson continues to antagonize him. Suddenly, the bell rings, indicating it was time to switch classes; however, the English teacher wanted to speak with Hanson. He said in an effort to contribute to his behavioral "rehabilitation," he was making Hanson participate in his Drama Club, which was putting on a production of Rip Van Winkle.

Hanson meets Wendy in the hallway after his discussion with the English teacher and tries to let her down easy in telling her he isn't interested, but she cannot seem to take a hint and engages in a monologue about how her mother thinks she is a "tramp" and makes her watch "public videos" about "teenage pregnancy and venereal diseases." She also regales Hanson with an anecdote about her friend Sheila who got herpes and had a cold sore on her lip.

Hanson tries once again to dodge her advances, but suddenly sees Kenny walking toward him and realizes he needs a disguise of sorts, so in an act of rash desperation, he proceeds to tell Wendy that he "already has a girlfriend" then kisses her until Kenny is out of sight.

Hanson kisses Wendy in an attempt to protect his identity from Kenny.

Breaking from the kiss, Wendy says his girlfriend is lucky because he's a great kisser. Hanson replies with, "Yeah, well, I didn't want you to go through life without at least one" before being abruptly lifted off his feet by a large student in a letter jacket claiming to be Wendy's boyfriend. Hanson retorts, "Lucky guy, she's a great kisser," causing Wendy's boyfriend to throw him toward the wall in anger.

Kenny Almost Discovers Hanson's Identity[]

Having survived Wendy's boyfriend, Hanson finds his way to his English teacher's Drama Club, arriving late. After bantering with Hanson about his tardiness, the teacher diverts his attention to Kenny, who has fallen asleep in his chair waiting for Drama Club to begin. He then equates Hanson to Butch Cassidy and instructs Kenny to read lines with Hanson.

Caught off guard but unable to escape the situation, Hanson apprehensively watches Kenny to see if he recognizes him. Kenny appears not to know Hanson's identity, calling Hanson out for staring at him. Hanson abruptly begins discussing where to begin in the play in an attempt to keep Kenny in the dark. Unfortunately, his secrecy is short-lived, as Kenny begins to recognize him, insisting that he knows Hanson, despite Hanson's objection that he's a new student at Emerest.

Kenny does not recognize Hanson while reading lines for a school play.

Kenny is ultimately unable to accurately place Hanson in his recollections, and mistakes him for a boy his sister once dated, effectively saving Hanson's cover.

Repelling Wendy and Confrontation with Tyrell[]

After Drama Club, Kenny is seen pacing nervously down the hallway, seemingly in a hurry. Hanson catches up with him, however, and asks him if he needs a ride home from school. Kenny grows defensive and is able to evade Hanson, leaving Hanson by himself to ward Wendy off when she approaches.

He tries once again to let her down easy, but she does not relent, causing Hanson to take more drastic measures. He pulls her aside and tells her that he was the one that gave her friend Sheila herpes. This method proves to be wildly successful, causing Wendy to nervously state that she just wants to be friends.

In the parking lot, Tyrell and his partner try to shake Kenny down for the money he owes them, when Hanson approaches, telling Tyrell to leave Kenny alone. Tyrell seems to have a bigger bone to pick with Hanson than Kenny, because he lets Kenny go and pulls out a switchblade, advancing toward Hanson threateningly.

Tyrell taunts Hanson as they move around each other in an attempt to gain the upper hand. The confrontation comes to an abrupt halt when Principal Shaffer spots them and approaches them to control the situation. Tyrell quickly lies to Shaffer, giving him the explanation that he and Hanson were "playing the Dozens ." Shaffer seems to buy this explanation, but turns to Hanson for confirmation. Hanson enthusiastically affirms Tyrell's story, which leads Shaffer to let Tyrell go without punishment. With just Shaffer and Hanson in the parking lot, Shaffer says, "Don't try to pull Waxer offsides, Bower. He's a killer."

Tyrell taunts Hanson with a knife.

The Inside Scoop on Kenny[]

Back at the Chapel, Jenko reviews documents containing insider information on multiple burglary cases in Kenny's area that are similar to the one he witnessed Kenny commit. Jenko is impressed with Hanson's work. Though he was fairly certain of Kenny's involvemnt with drugs before, Hanson now speculates that he's apart of "some sort of burglary ring."

Jenko entertains the thought but then questions where Tyrell fits into it. While Hanson can't answer that question with the given information, he urges Jenko to let him and Ioki book Kenny for the burglary to see if they can find out more. Jenko refuses, saying he'd like to find out more, as the situation doesn't add up.

Tyrell and Kenny Talk Business[]

At a rundown mechanic shop, Kenny walks in looking for Tyrell. After briefly taunting him, Kenny looks around, astonished, as he realizes Tyrell has stripped Mr. Weckerle's car to sell for parts. Kenny solemnly walks to the back of the car where he finds his father's clarinet in the trunk. He declares that Tyrell and the second aggressor, whose name is revealed to be Ray Davies, are not going to pawn that. 

He states Tyrell owes him for whatever the surplus amount he made off the car was, implying that he should allow Kenny to keep the clarinet as payback. Tyrell states he owes Kenny nothing and gestures toward his backpack, which is revealed to have a multiutde of stolen goods inside. After asking if he's paid his debt to Tyrell's satisfaction, Tyrell replies, "You can never get even, boy. But this sure does improve the TRW ."

Kenny has a talk with Tyrell about his debt.

The Kingpin[]

At a formal establishment, Hanson and Ioki are staked out, watching as a red sports car pulls up to the valet, seemingly with Tyrell inside. Ioki seems frustrated, as they followed him from his house to a "dump" then to this establishment, with nothing eventful. Hanson declares he's going in, telling Ioki to notify him if Tyrell makes a move.

Hanson watches as a hostess guides Tyrell to his table with another indivdual, who seems upset at Tyrell's tardiness. He asks Tyrell if he has "the stuff," which Tyrell assures him he does. Meanwhile, Hanson is distracted by a hostile encounter with the bartender but looks back just in time to see Tyrell and the other individual concluding their meeting.

Ioki watches as Tyrell and the other individual switch vehicles, with Tyrell getting in a gold vehicle and the other getting in the red sports car. Hanson signals Ioki to follow the red car, prompting Ioki to take off after him. Meanwhile, Hanson jumps in a cab, directing him to follow the gold car. After the annoyed taxi driver finally agrees, they also drive off after their target.

As the taxi swerves in and out of traffic, the pursuit appears to be going successfully until the taxi rear-ends Tyrell's car. Tyrell emerges from the car, irate, then recognizes Hanson in the back seat, immediately growing concerned. He questions Hanson, asking him if he's following him, pulling a gun on him in the process. He shoots out the back window of the cab, gets back in his car, and takes off. Hanson urgently instructs the cab driver to follow Tyrell, who unfortunately doesn't make it far, as his taxi will not run.

Tyrell realizes Hanson is not who he claims to be.

From a payphone, Hanson calls Jenko to give him a rundown of the situation. Ioki is revealed to have discovered the mystery individual drove the red car to a hotel, 1925 High Park, Suite 310, and booked the room under the name Benitovich. Jenko instructs Hanson to arrest Kenny under a Ramey warrant "for that 459 " because Tyrell's going to want to keep Kenny quiet after this.

Meanwhile, at Kenny's house, Kenny appears to be doing chores when a black car pulls up beside him. Tyrell emerges from the car, intimidating Kenny. To Kenny's surprise, Tyrell gives him a "bonus" to "keep morale high," holding up a vial with a white substance in it. Tyrell tells Kenny to "speedball this mix."

Tyrell offers Kenny a reward for his work.

Kenny's Downfall[]

At school the next day, Hanson races into the school looking for Kenny. Meanwhile, Kenny is shown going into the locker room, where he shoots up the speedball in the shower. Hanson eventually finds Kenny, who has overdosed in the locker room. At the hotel, Jenko and Ioki storm Benitovich's suite and arrest him. Kenny is seen being wheeled out of the school and into an ambulance by paramedics.

Kenny overdoses in the school locker room.

Hoffs and Hanson walk down the hall together at the hospital, where Hoffs says it was bound to happen and not to let it get Hanson upset. In Kenny's room, his parents speak remorsefuly to him, and Kenny tells them they were not involved and not to be sorry. Hanson walks in and asks to be alone with Kenny.

He now knows Hanson is a cop and grows upset, feeling betrayed. Hanson tells him Tyrell was trying to kill him with the drug combination. Kenny continues to mouth off, prompting Hanson to slap him in the face, twice. Kenny recoils, and Hanson continues to get angry, stating he may not be able to save Kenny, but he wants to bust Tyrell, demanding that Kenny give Hanson Tyrell's wherabouts.

Hanson slaps Kenny to get information from him.

Capturing Tyrell[]

Penhall and Hoffs arrive at the rundown mechanic shop, attempting to win Tyrell's trust by buying from him. Ray answers the door, suspicious of Penhall. Hoffs assures him Penhall is no threat to them. After a short bout of questioning, Hoffs calls Tyrell's bluff and turns to leave, but Tyrell stops her, saying she can come in, but Penhall cannot.

Hoffs and Penhall disguise themselves during a staged drug deal.

The deal appears to be going as planned, and they make the exchange, when Tyrell has Hoffs aprehended, growing paranoid. He rips open her blouse, revealing the wire taped to her undershirt. From outside, Penhall on foot, and Ioki and Jenko both in the van, make their entrances into the building, firing their guns.

They end up in a standoff, where Ray is shot and Tyrell attempts to make a run for it out the back. Hanson is waiting for him, however, and runs into him with his Mustang. After Tyrell points his gun at him, Hanson slams on his breaks, throwing Tyrell to the ground. Hanson pursues Tyrell on foot through a subway station, eventually tackling him to the ground.

Ray engages in a standoff with Ioki and Captain Richard Jenko.

Hanson pursues Tyrell on foot.

A physical fight ensues in which Hanson takes him down and arrests him. Hoffs flirts with him, stating that she likes the fact that he "never stops being a cop." When approached by Jenko, Hanson reveals he's starting to like Hoffs, asking what was her "deal." Jenko replies with, "You'd never make the weight."

Jenko congratulates Hanson on catching Tyrell.

Hanson joins Jenko and his garage band for a jam session.

The Aftermath[]

Noreen is seen picking Kenny up from the rehabilitation center, claiming his parents didn't want to overwhelm him by picking him up themselves. Hanson is waiting for him as well outside the hospital, and Kenny approaches him. His hostility seemingly gone, he asks Hanson if he is still upset with him. Hanson buries the hatchet, giving him words of wisdom before parting ways.

Back at the Chapel, Penhall rants about Hanson's latest bust, claiming beginner's luck, not realizing Hanson is in attendance. Penhall admits he's simply impressed, but not to spread it around because he has a reputation to maintain. The episode concludes with Hanson joining Jenko and his garage band in a few sets on his saxophone.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Barney Martin as Charlie Donegan
  • Claude Earl Jones as Principal Jake Shaffer
  • David Burner as Mike Summers
  • Reginald T. Dorsey as Tyrell Thompson
  • Richard McGonagle as Bill Weckerle
  • Cheryl Anderson as Diane Weckerle
  • Brandon Douglas as Kenny Weckerle
  • Margaret Langrick as Noreen Weckerle
  • Scott Kraft as Jays
  • Noelle Harling as Wendy
  • Charles Andrew Payne as Ray Davies
  • Blu Mankuma as Breeze
  • Richard Sargent as Bartender
  • Niles Brewster as Mr. Lamb
  • Ken Douglas as Trigg
  • Bernie Coulson as Jackson
  • Karen Elizabeth Austin as Ms. Futterman
  • Doug Tuck as Mr. Ritz
  • Francis X. McCarthy as Captain Briody

Persons of Interest[]

Tyrell Thompson[]

  • Case: Drug dealing at Emerest; Burglary; Robbery
  • Relationship to the Case: Prime suspect
  • Known Associates: Ray Davies; Benitovich; Kenny Weckerle
  • Rapport with Jump Street Officers:
    • Tom Hanson : Hanson and Tyrell make immediate enemies of one another at Emerest.

Tyrell "Waxer" Thompson first burglarizes the Weckerle home as payback for Kenny Weckerle 's debt. At school, Hanson encounters Tyrell, where they get into an altercation regarding parking spaces, making immediate enemies of one another. Tyrell is eventually revealed to be running a "burglary ring" and drug ring at the school, which seemingly consists of dealing drugs in exchange for stolen goods. Through many perilous situations, the 21 Jump Street crew are able to arrest him on both charges. Additionally he was booked for two attemtpted murders, when he tried to get away with it.

Noreen Weckerle[]

Noreen is the first character introduced in the episode as she banters with her mother. Soon after, their home is burglarized by Tyrell Thompson and Ray Davies, who are there to recoup payment from her brother Kenny Weckerle. Noreen is mentioned when Kenny is hospitalized, then at the end of the episode, she picks him up from the rehabilitation center, stating their parents didn't want to overwhelm him, so they sent her.

Kenny Weckerle[]

  • Case: Drug dealing at Emerest; Burglary; Property damage
  • Relationship to the Case: Suspected perpetrator
  • Known Associates: Tyrell Thompson; Ray Davies
  • Rapport with Jump Street Officers:
    • Tom Hanson: Kenny expresses his dislike for Hanson from the outset, and this attitude continues throughout his tenure on the show. He makes amends with Hanson after he finishes rehab.

Kenny is introduced when Tyrell and Ray burglarize his home to recoup the money he owes them. Kenny and Hanson talk briefly when Hanson tries to get Kenny to reveal who burglarized them. Kenny then goes on his own spree of burglarization to pay for the drugs Tyrell is providing him. Hanson and Kenny meet again when Hanson is assigned to go undercover at Kenny's high school. Kenny is revealed to have a serious addiction to heroin but overdoses before Hanson can help him. Fortunately, the overdose does not prove fatal, and he enters a rehabilitation center. He is last seen making amends with Hanson upon his release.

Diane Weckerle[]

  • Case: Burglary
  • Relationship to the Case: Victim
  • 'Known Associates: Kenny Weckerle; Bill Weckerle; Noreen Weckerle'
  • Rapport with Jump Street Officers:
    • Tom Hanson: She speaks with Hanson briefly after her house is burglarized by Tyrell then again in the hospital when Hanson visits Kenny following his overdose.

Diane is one of the first characters introduced in this episode as she prepares dinner for her family and banters with her daughter Noreen. When Tyrell breaks in and burglarizes her family, she seems surprised to know that Kenny knows the burglars. She prepares tea for the officers when they investigate the burglary and speaks to Kenny after his overdose.

Bill Weckerle[]

  • Case: Burglary
  • Relationship to the Case: Victim
  • Known Associates:'Kenny Weckerle; Noreen Weckerle; Diane Weckerle'
  • Rapport with Jump Street Officers:
    • Tom Hanson: He speaks with Hanson briefly after his house is burglarized by Tyrell then again in the hospital when Hanson visits Kenny following his overdose.

Bill is introduced when Diane asks him to discipline Noreen. When Tyrell breaks in and burglarizes his family, he immediately takes action to call the police, contrary to Kenny's wishes. He yells at Kenny to cooperate, causing Kenny to act out further and speaks to Kenny after his overdose.


  • Case: Drug dealing
  • Relationship to the Case: Perpetrator
  • Known Associates: N/A
  • Rapport with Jump Street Officers:
    • Doug Penhall: Six months prior to his failed arrest, Penhall built a rapport with Jays, intending to bust him soon thereafter.
    • Tom Hanson: On the night of his failed arrest, Penhall set up a drug deal between Jays and Hanson.

Jays and Penhall begin antagonizing Jenko, who drives up in his VW bus with Hanson, Hoffs, and Ioki in tow. Shortly after, Hanson approaches Penhall, who introduces him to Jays as his cousin looking to buy illegal drugs from him. During the drug deal, Jays suspect Hanson of being a cop and pulls a gun on him. Hanson completes what he thinks is a drug deal and promptly arrests Jays, only to find that what was in the bag Jays gave him was not drugs but a pair of dirty socks, and therefore, he had no justification for the arrest, ruining six month's worth of work for Penhall.

Convenience Store Robbery Foursome[]

  • Case: Armed robbery
  • Relationship to the Case: Main perpetrators
  • Known Associates: N/A
  • Rapport with Jump Street Officers:
    • Tom Hanson: Hanson attempts to apprehend them after running their car off a road.

The four perpetrators rob a convenience store and are subsequently stopped during their getaway by Hanson and Donegan. Due to how young Hanson looks, the perpetrators do not take him seriously, taunting him. All but one manage to catch Hanson off guard and get away in Donegan's police car.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The cop car number Hanson and his partner ride in is 106Z (referred to as one-zero-six-zebra)
  • Originally a two-hour episode, this first episode aired in two parts.
  • The Vinyl that Jenko gives to Hanson was 'Convicted' by Cryptic Slaughterhouse.
  • Tyrell Thompson would later makes an appearance in the Season 2 episode You Oughta Be in Prison.
  • Kenny Weckerle (along with his family minus Diane Weckerle) would also appear in the Season 2 episode I'm Okay, You Need Work.
  • Barney Martin (who appears as Tom Hanson's former partner, Charlie Donegan) would also appear in Season 2 episode In the Custody of a Clown.
  • Blu Mankuma would later appear in the following episodes portraying different characters.
  • Francis X. McCarthy (who guest started as Captain Briody in this episode) would later appear in episodes Gotta Finish the Riff, Two for the Road and Stand by Your Man.
  • The fast-food place that Donegan and Hanson sped past was Chruch's Chicken.
  • In the first episode of 21 Jump Street, there is a scene in which the saxophone solo in the background music (or what is assumed to be the background music) is not background music, but rather Hanson playing in his room. In the first episode of Booker (TV series), a similar effect is created when a saxophone solo plays in the background while Booker drives from the courthouse to the bar. Upon entering, a lone saxophone player is revealed to be playing the solo in the middle of the vacant bar.
  • The music that was used in the closing credit is "Shotgun" by Junior Walker and the All-Stars.
  • During a shoot out between the Jump Street officers and perpetrators Tyrell and Ray, Jenko shoots Ray, seemingly killing him, as all of the officers look on in horror as he briefly writhes on the floor, then abruptly stops moving. In Season 2, Episode 9, You Oughta Be in Prison, Tyrell returns as a prison escapee who wants revenge on Hanson for arresting him. Upon escaping, he calls Ray, and the two are seen sitting in Ray's house cutting Tyrell's handcuffs off and watching TV. Supposing that Ray did not die in the first episode, the show fails to explain how he was exonerated from his part in multiple crimes as, at the very least, an accomplice, if not an equal partner.
Tyrell Ray WatchingTV S2E9.png



Charlie: My old lady screams for help—big deal. I take her to the movies.

Captain: We've got an undercover program. It's the mayor's baby. Nobody on the force knows about this except silver shields and up. It's called Jump Street Chapel. Now, the reason it's called that is because this particular undercover unit works out of an old abandoned chapel on the corner of Jump Street and 6th. Interested?
Hanson: Not yet.
Captain: Every year, the department takes younger looking officers—at least, the younger looking ones we think can handle the pressure—teach 'em how to be teenagers again. Then, we send 'em out to various high schools, where we can use a good man undercover.
Hanson: Kind of like, Fast Times at Bust-Your-Buddy High?

Hanson: I think I'm starting to like that lady. What's her deal?
Jenko: Don't worry about it. You'd never make the weight.